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A perfect smartwatch machined out of a single stainless steel block.
Featuring a powerful rechargeable battery that lasts for weeks. Sapphire glass.

VIITA Connected

When beauty alone isn’t enough.


Timeless elegance meets latest technology.


Setting new standards.

A real time, in-depth look at your health!

Advanced pulse rate, heart rate variability and acceleration sensors detect your current stress level and regeneration status.

Better looking than your coach!

Get smart training recommendations for your personal strength and endurance training, tailored entirely to your body.

Dehydration leads to severe performance loss

It’s a known fact that water is crucial to maintaining a healthy body.Your VIITA tells you at any given point how much water you have lost throughout the day.

More endurance than you!

Thanks to a customized battery and a highly efficient power management system your battery lasts up to 30 days, depending on the usage and the model.

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