Active Controls


  1. Press one of the two buttons to activate your VIITA Active Smartwatch.
  1. Wipe left or right to navigate through the functions.
  1. To access the home screen or cancel a function, press the top button. No matter in which position or in which function you are, with the upper button you can cancel it and get to the home screen.

Quick Start My Challenge

  1. Press the button below to activate your VIITA Active Smartwatch.

2. Press the button below once more to access MyChallenge.
3. Select Running or Cycling, the selected mode is highlighted.
4. Select the planned route length

  1. Choose the planned duration of your activity. Then tap START. Your activity starts automatically after a 5 second countdown.
Tip: If you want to repeat your last challenge you can press the lower button 3 times. Your VIITA Active HRV automatically takes over the values of your last challenge. So you can save time and get started right away.

Turn Off

  1. Wipe to the left until you reach the SETUP menu. Tap on TURN OFF and confirm with YES.

Factory Reset

  1. Press one of the two buttons to activate your VIITA Active HRV.
  1. Press both buttons simultaneously for 4 seconds to reset your Smartwatch to factory settings. Then confirm with YES.

Of course, your training data, regeneration and stress values, calories and steps are retained on the VIITA App when resetting to factory settings.

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