First Steps App

After the VIITA app has been successfully installed, you can set up your watch to adjust the features & functions of your Smartwatch to your needs.

On the Home Screen, you can find the menu at the bottom.


To get to watch related function settings, tap on WATCH.

To get to the settings that affect your personal information, tap on USER.

To set the alarm, tap on ALARM.

To edit your account information, tap on ACCOUNT.



Push Notifications

In the upper left corner, you can find the settings for push notifications. Tap to personalize your notifications.


If you would like to receive notifications, set the “Notifications” slider to ON, if you do not want to receive notifications, set it to OFF.

Notification Interval

You can set the interval of time in which you want to receive notifications.


You can also set which services you would like to receive notifications from. To do this, set the slider of the required service to ON.

Auto Screen

In the upper right corner, you will find the setting “Auto Screen”. If this setting is ON, the display of your VIITA Watch will automatically be activated when you lift your hand to look at your watch.

Choose Homescreen (VIITA Active HRV only)

On the middle left side, you will find the setting “Choose Home Screen”.

When using a VIITA Active HRV model, you can choose your home screen according to your personal preferences.

Screen Steps & kcal will show your steps taken and calories burned.

With the screen Reg & Stress you can always see your regeneration and stress values.


Tap on your desired setting and then confirm by tapping on SAVE.

Choose Screen Design (VIITA Active HRV only)

On the middle right side, you will find the setting CHOOSE SCREEN DESIGN.

Right now, you can choose between an analog and a digital screen design.


Tap on your desired setting and then confirm by tapping on SAVE.

Edit Sports (VIITA Active HRV only)

On the lower left side, you will find the setting “Edit Sports”.

The VIITA Active HRV is capable of recording over 19 sports. To keep the operation simple and clear, you can preset your three main sports. These preset sports appear on your watch.


Choose your three preferred sports and confirm your setting by tapping SAVE.

The color of the rings remains the same, regardless of the sport you picked. Only the symbol and the info text change according to the selected sport.



On the lower right side, you will find the menu item WATCH.

It contains information about your watch such as: firmware version, serial number, ID and type of your watch. You can also disconnect your VIITA here or update to the latest firmware version. Learn more under the menu item UPDATE.


Steps Goal

Your VIITA records each of your steps taken. Tap the STEPS GOAL button to set your daily step goal.

Calories Goal

The VIITA calorie counter measures heart activity, weight, height, age, sleep and exercise. Touch the CALORIES GOAL button to set your daily calorie goal.

Sleep Goal

If you wear your VIITA at night, your sleep will also be recorded. To set your individual sleep times, tap on the field SLEEP GOAL.

My Mission

Your chosen destination significantly influences the training recommendations calculated by the algorithm. Tap on MY MISSION to change your destination.


If you would like to improve your general fitness, tap on FITNESS.

If you would like to lose some weight, tap on WEIGHT LOSS. Confirm your input by tapping SAVE.


Please enter your first and last name. To do this, tap on the fields FIRST NAME and LAST NAME. Confirm your input by tapping SAVE.

Body Data

For the calculation of calorie consumption, water consumption, regeneration, stress and individual training recommendations, some body data is needed. Please enter your date of birth, gender, height and weight into the fields provided.

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