How to install my VIITA app

If the VIITA app is not already installed on your device, please follow these steps:

  1. For Apple devices, please click here. For Android devices, please click here.
  2. Tap on Download in the App Store or in the Play Store.
  3. Tap on Load to begin the installation.

How to install my VIITA app

If you don’t have a VIITA account, you will need to create one to set up and use your VIITA watch.

If you already have an account, please skip to “First Steps“.

To install your VIITA watch, please follow these steps:

1.Open the VIITA app.

2.Tap on “Registration“

3.The VIITA app will now look for available VIITA watches near you.

Caution! This requires Bluetooth to be enabled on your phone and your watch needs to be turned on. Find out how it works with a VIITA Hybrid HRV here, and here for the VIITA Active HRV.


4.Tap on your VIITA.

If your watch does not appear in the selection, check if your VIITA is turned on and if Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. After checking these settings, please tap on “Refresh”.


5.Choose your destination.

6.Enter your first name.

7.Enter your last name.

8.Choose your gender.

9.Enter your date of birth.

10.Choose whether you want to see your values in kilograms and meters or pounds and feet.

11.Enter your body height.

12.Enter your body weight.

13.Enter the time you usually go to bed and when you wake up.

14.Enter your e-mail address and choose a secure password.

De-install VIITA App

Should you plan do deinstall the VIITA app – for example when switching to the Beta App, please log out before!

When you log out your data is stored on our server. If you don’t log out it’s possible that you lose measurement data.

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