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How do I find out the software version of the VIITA App?

Open the app -> tap ACCOUNT at the bottom of the screen -> here you will find the currently installed software version of your VIITA app.

How do I find out which firmware is installed on my VIITA Watch?

Open the VIITA app -> tap on WATCH at the bottom of the screen -> then tap on CLOCK (connected) -> here you will find the current firmware version of your watch.

How long is the warranty?

We offer a two-year warranty.

Kann die VIITA upgedated werden?

Of course. The VIITA Watch can be updated via smartphone app as soon as new releases are available. We will provide the VIITA Watch with regular updates so that you can enjoy new features.

Can the VIITA Watch bands be exchanged?


The VIITA Active HRV and the 45mm VIITA Hybrid HRV are delivered with a 22mm wide strap. This is a standard quick release fastener. This allows you to attach straps that are not from VIITA.

The 40mm VIITA Hybrid HRV is delivered with a 20mm wide strap. This is a standard quick release fastener. This allows you to attach straps that are not from VIITA.

The VIITA Titan HRV is delivered with a 22mm wide strap. Due to the special construction of the GPS transmitter, it is not possible to attach tapes from third party manufacturers.

In our store you can buy other bands.

Which languages does VIITA Watch support?

VIITA Watch supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and traditional and basic Chinese.

How is the VIITA Watch charged?

Each VIITA Watch comes with a charging station. Simply connect the charging station with any USB plug. Full charging takes about 2 hours.


How long does the battery last?

The battery of all watch models lasts up to 10 (Active, Titanium), 14 (Hybrid 40mm) or 28 days (Hybrid 45mm).


Does the VIITA Watch work with iOS & Android?

Yes, the VIITA Watch works with both iOS and Android. For both operating systems there is the user-friendly VIITA App.


Does my smartphone always have to be connected to the VIITA Watch?

No, you can use your VIITA Watch without your smartphone. The internal memory stores your data for up to one month.

Does VIITA Watch support vibrations for notifications?

Yes, inside the VIITA Watch there is a vibration unit that provides discrete feedback during notifications.

Can the VIITA track my activities?

VIITA Watch is an advanced and accurate activity tracker. Thanks to its 3-axis accelerometer and HRV sensor, it can track steps, calories burned, distance traveled and minutes of activity, showing you if you are reaching your daily goals and improving your health.

Which operating system does VIITA Watch use?

VIITA Watch runs on VIITA OS. Thereby the energy management could be optimized strongly.

Does the VIITA Watch have a touch display?

VIITA Active/Titan HRV: Yes, the touch display offers the perfect Smartwatch experience.
VIITA Hybrid HRV: No, this series is controlled by the buttons.

Is the VIITA Watch waterproof?

The VIITA Hybrid HRV is 3 ATM waterproof. The VIITA Active HRV is 10 ATM waterproof.

Does the heart rate sensor measure all the time?

The HRV sensor constantly measures your heart rate and heart rate variability.

Does the VIITA Watch support WLAN or NFC?


Is it possible to phone with VIITA Watch?

Since neither a microphone nor a loudspeaker are integrated in the VIITA Watch, it is not possible to make phone calls with it.