VIITA Active/Titan HRV

Built-in GPS. Touchscreen. Heart rate sensor. Up to 10 days battery runtime. 

The VIITA Active HRV is the epitome of everything that marks an outstanding smartwatch. Milled from a pure stainless steel block and equipped with a sapphire-glass touchscreen it’s loaded with countless features: built-in GPS, up to 10 days of battery life, a gauge of steps made and calories burned, built-in heart rate sensor and heart rate variability sensor, a Challenge Mode so you can beat your own best time, an algorithm that optimizes your workouts according to your personal goals and much more.


VIITA is learning with you. It provides you with intelligent training recommendations tailored to your personal needs.

GPS Tracking

Finally, you can leave your smartphone at home. When using the training mode, our built-in GPS records all movements and visualizes them on your VIITA.

My Challenge

Set individual performance goals and see if you’re leading or behind thanks to GPS tracking.

Activity Tracking

Your VIITA helps you measure your activities (speed, distance, time, heart rate and calories) for 19 types of sport.

My Sets

Unobtrusive vibrations signal the transitions between training and rest to help you find the right balance for your workout.

Steps & Cals

Steps & Cals counts your steps and calories accurately. The calorie formula takes into account your heart activity, weight, height, age, sleep and exercise among other things.


VIITA’s advanced sensors of HRV, acceleration and heart rate provide a real-time health screening, so you always know how you are reacting to exercise, rest, stress, sleep and recovery.



VIITA WAKE analyzes your sleep on a regular basis for an optimal wake-up time within a 30-minute frame. This way, you start your day in a good mood and refreshed.

My Mission

No matter if you just want to burn some fat or you would like to improve your fitness in general, My Mission assorts individualized training recommendations for your success.



Every sip of water helps you keep your body fit. VIITA automatically calculates the amount of water you need on a daily basis and shows your current intake. This way, you are always reminded to drink enough.


Receive notifications about new calls, Facebook, WhatsApp and other messages right on your VIITA.

Battery Life

Thanks to a custom battery and a highly efficient energy-saving system, your VIITA runs up to 10 days.

Silent Mode

Just relax for a while! The Silent Mode quickly deactivates all notifications to your convenience.

Find my Phone

If your smartphone hides from you again, this function will help you out!

Adventure Silver

Bezel in silver.
46,5 mm housing size.
Up to 10 days battery life.

Adventure Black

Bezel in black.
46,5 mm housing size.
Up to 10 days battery life.

Tachymeter Silver

Tachymeter bezel.
46,5 mm housing size.
Up to 10 days battery life.

Tachymeter Black

Tachymeter bezel black.
46,5 mm housing size.
Up to 10 days battery life.

Titan HRV

Titanium housing.
Ceramic bezel.
Up to 10 days battery life.